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The Residency - A Cyanotype Zine

An introduction into the art of cyanotype in a zine.

Created during my artist Residency at In-Situ in Pendle. The zine includes artwork made during that time, whilst also being an induction into the alternative photography process of cyantoype.



  • A5 Risograph Printed Zine
  • 'How to' guide to start cyanotyping 
  • 4 A6 sheets of hand treated cyanotype paper.


I started to explore cyanotype last summer when I first hurt my hand and couldn't draw. During the residency with In-Situ, I experimented using cyanotype as a way to illustrate with drawing.


Each page of this zine has been made out of cyanotypes, and the natural elements used in the making process were gathered from the surrounding area of Pendle Hill during my hikes to the summit.


My aim with releasing this zine is to spread my love for the cyanotype process. And as cyanotype needs UV sun light to process a pr