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Giclée Print

300gsm Smooth Rag Paper

Print is 150x150mm

Print with plain boarder is 200x200mm


"For the longest time I let fear rule my life. But not the fear of getting hurt or losing a loved one. I feared failure. Of doing something wrong. I feared committing and choosing the wrong path. I’d pick up a pen to draw and feel as if I was going to ruin the piece before even putting the pen to paper. And the root of it all - I feared wasting time.


The irony of experiencing all this fear is that it would paralysis me and bring on the events that I was so worried about anyway. Not choosing. Not doing an act to avoid failing meant I didn’t progress. I didn’t learn from my mistakes. Life is about experience, not just the outcome, and I was avoiding it.


This piece encapsulates the act of pushing passed that fear and moving forward. Choosing a path and honouring it. You don’t wake up one day with no fear. For me it was a decision to push onwards, regardless of what I was feeling. And day by day it got a little easier to fail, to the point I welcome it."


Light Bearer

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