'The Monotonous Churn of Samsara' T-Shirt


PRE-ORDER ending : 25/07/2021

Shirts will be made and shipped as soon as possible.


  • White Gildan T-shirt. Choose your preference of Heavy Cotton or Soft Style (Only available during the pre-order)
  • Screen printed using waterbased ink 
  • Design is 32cm wide and will cover the full chest


Samsara is a Sanskrit word meaning; cycle of existence, endless rebirth, wheel of suffering. The concept of samsara is perpetual reincarnation trapped in the material level.  ‘The Monotonous Churn of Samsara’ is the acknowledgement of this state of being, whilst realising that true liberation from Samsara’s cycle cannot be attained by our physical form but by reaching beyond.


Disclaimer: If the initial costs for printing are not met during the pre-order I won't be able to take them to print, and any orders will be refunded. I'd appreciate you're help in spreading the word about these shirts as I'm extremely excited over the thoughts of holding one in my hands and being able to send them to you. All my thanks -B

Samsara T-Shirt